The Electorates of Hirschfurt (German: Kurfürstentümer Hirschfurt) are a series of Kingdoms and Free Cities located within the Teutonic Order of Morsavia (German: Deutschordens Morsawien.) It’s capital and largest city is Hirschfurt. The region serves as an imperial state of the Morsavian Order; however the state itsself is comprised of 4 lesser kingdoms, and free states. The two kingdoms of Tussen and lower Kressia, as well as the archdukedom of Sternbeck are Prince Electors, while the free city of Dessau am Löbe remains an important influencer within the region, It is not granted electing power being a Free City.


The Electorates of Hirschfurt are one of many imperial states within the Order. The state is located in the western portion of the empire. By it's size, it is the fourth largest state and third largest in size. It has land borders with two other States, Laubernick-Kressia to the East, and Lower Krisingen to the North. The south East borders the territory of the Holy See of Lauberhaven, as well as having an expansive coastline in the Gulf of Saint Peter of Wywen.

In the north, the State's landscape is dominated by fertile farmland due to both the Lauber and Tell rivers flowing through it. This area produces most of the State, and the Empires crops In fact, it is often said that the best wheat is grown in the kingdom of Tussen, due to it's ideal placement between the two rivers.

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